Man & Breast

A businessman who has been associated with many womens, finally decided to get married.
He selected three women & gave 25$ per each

After the money received the first lady went to a salon.
She got a new hairstyle, skin care and nail on bright.
Also bought new styles of Clothing
“You are proud when I look so beautiful, Therefore I love you a lot” She replied..

The second woman went to the city & bought items which were needed for a man.
Not only new clothes & shoes but also a pair of golf sticks and sunglasses.
She handed all of these to the businessman & said
“I am so proud when you look so handsome, Therefore I love you a lot”

Third women invested the money in the Stock Market.
By the profit she earned after investing, she gave back money which the businessman gave.
Further she deposited the rest of the money in both of their bank accounts and replied with a romantic tone “ We must save money in advance for the future needs.
I care both of us”

The businessman gave much thought to decide based on three women’s behavior.
Finally he decided to marry the woman who has the biggest breast.

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