A Message to My Class Teacher

The relationship that you said would never work out and waste of my time
Well, I am married to her with a kid and she has been the biggest motivation in my life

The gang you said was a bad influence and wouldn’t be there for me
Well, they have always been there for me through thick and thin and has been the biggest support in my life

We don’t get into fights anymore, instead we use the same moral and unity, to have a positive impact on the society

Yes I couldn’t pass the exams you wanted with flying colours ,but I always stay hungry for knowledge and stay curious

You said I will have to run a taxi to make a living, well I can buy a taxi with the monthly living I make

However, there wouldn’t have been nothing wrong even if I had to run a taxi and I am pretty sure I would still have delivered the best service I can, and stayed happy

The spirit that you wanted to break, well I still have it well intact
The potential that you never saw in me, well it was well recognized and tapped into just a week after of stepping out of that school

You were all wrong about me all along, but I know for sure, today you will be truly happy for me!
Because you always expected nothing but the best for me

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