Black Girl’s Offence

I am Ann. I’m a very black girl. Society sees black as an ugly color. I am an ugly girl in society. A girl is beautiful if her face is white. If her face is black she is ugly. Today society accepts it.

My mother and father and my sister have loved me since I was a child. To everyone else, I’m an ugly kid. My father’s family felt that because I was black. I was the only black child in my father’s family.

Aunties just hold my uncle’s kids. They’re pale white. In my past, they just made them go. I don’t even care. The moments that hurt me are endless.

When I was two, a kid came up to me and said.

“When you grow up because you’re black, you can’t marry”

But as I grew older I realized how much of a problem black is.

School’s lesson in six-year was about sins. One day the teacher said according to the Bible, some people are black because they have sins from past lives. The whole class looked at me. I tightened the tears and looked at the ground. I only had to go home and cry on my mother’s lap. My mother always said that my girl was black and beautiful. But I didn’t see myself doing that except for the housemates.

I’ve always heard a little. “Blackiei, Black Around, Black Cotton, Asphalt, Black Stone”. When they said these things, they never thought I was offended. No, they think I’m not interested. I laugh and watch. But crying a thousand times.

If I was an older sister, they would call me an “elder black sister”. To an elder sister they call ” young black Sister.” My big mom’s kids are white. To them, I’m a little mom. But they call me as black big mother.

If a white girl goes on the road “Wow Sweet girl “. Isn’t it okay for black people to live then? Don’t they feel that way? You will be looking for a black car, a black phone, but never a black girl. The only difference is that a black girl is ugly to society.

When a boy meets a white girl, he is called as white gem, a white mommy. But when you get in touch with a black girl, she’s a black stone. The boy doesn’t like black when the girl is white. When dating a black girl, that boy doesn’t like it. Friends will make fun of him for not showing her to friends. That’s the hat in this society.

It wasn’t my fault that I was black. I was not black. I also have a mind that my heart is not a stone. I’m not looking for any black soul. Everyone thinks I’m black. The only thing left for a black girl is the love from the housemates.

Please don’t hate black girls!

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